Who We Are

Black Creek Ridge is a flower farm and event venue nestled in Noble County, Indiana. Located just 15 minutes north of Fort Wayne, we are a seasonal flower farm that brings you locally grown, heirloom, breathtaking blooms from May through October. Our gardens are abundant with botanicals that are desired for weddings, event bouquets, market bouquets, or any season of celebration or sympathy.

We are committed to cultivating beauty and quality in our gardens, so you can enjoy and savor what our farm has to provide. We hope that our flowers add beauty to your homes, your celebrations and your lives.

The Madison Rose is an intimate, upscale event space where you and your guests can relax in comfort surrounded by the picturesque views of our flower farm and the countryside.

We look forward to sharing Black Creek Ridge and its beauty with you!


Susan Bandor, Owner

I am a creative soul, and I have always had this inner necessity to connect with nature. My grandmother’s love for flower gardens and art drove my need to cultivate beauty on canvas and in my own gardens. This creative drive, that has traveled through generations, has provided a structured balance and refuge for me, especially when my career as a critical care nurse emptied me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The rhythms of nature and its beauty provided calm and healing.

My husband Tom and I are now using our deep love for the land to share our passion of honoring creation. Growing flowers, herbs and botanicals that are rich in color and textures, we gather the beauty that nature offers us in all of its seasons. Together, we create gorgeous, unique arrangements that are locally harvested, fresh, and free from the confines of tradition. We hope to inspire you with our passion for the creative at Black Creek Ridge Farm, And We look forward to sharing our farm and its beauty with you!